Just a Little About Us

Hello! I'm Francis, a mother of three brave, adventurous, and beautiful girls. I graduated with a finance degree from the University of Houston but decided to be a stay-at-home mom after my first daughter was born. I have a few years of experience in working at a preschool and I believe the early childhood development stage is very important. I believe kids need to explore in different ways to play, even if it means getting messy. As for me personally, I love reading books, trying new workouts, music concerts, traveling, and date night with my husband.


Hello I'm Christina! Mom of three fun, silly, and curious children named Taylor, Caroline, and Zooey. I have studied child development both professionally and personally.  In addition to being a mom, I have been a nanny with over 21 years of experience. I've been working with the current family over 5 years. I believe it's very important to create fun and new ways for kids to learn. It gives me great joy to watch a child learn while they are having fun. In my personal life I enjoy watching movies, practicing interior design, and sneaking in a nap as often as possible.