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Just a Little About Us

  • Francis is a mom of 3 beautiful and adventurous girls Delilah (9), Ophelia (3) and Juliana (1)
  • She graduated with a degree in finance and worked in that field for 5 years
  • Has stayed home with the girls for the past 6 year and then began a new career with preschool in the memorial area
  • She loves working with young children (early childhood development)
  • Loves reading books, trying new workouts, and date nights with her husband
  • Loves taking her girls to the park, letting them explore nature, and reading tons of books to them
  • She believes kids need to explore different ways to play, even if it means getting messy


  • Christina is a mom of 3 fun, silly and curious children, Taylor (16), Caroline (12) and Zooey (6)
  • She has studied child development both professionally and personally
  • For 21 years she has been creating fun new ways for kids to learn
  • In addition to being a mom she has also been a nanny for the past 21 years.  She has worked with the same family for the last 5 years
  • She loves watching movies, practicing interior design, and sneaking in a nap as often as possible
  • It is especially fun to watch a child learn while they are having fun