Sensory Boxes for open-ended play


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Mix the Colors and Learn!

With our kit, kids can learn with primary colors, mix, and learn secondary colors!

Each set contains 3 containers of primary color playdough.

Container 1 has half red and half yellow

Container 2 has half red and half blue

Container 3 has half blue and half yellow

4 oz Option

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My 3 year old son loved the Fall Box. Picking up the rocks with the scooper and pretending play on the placemat with the playdough.

Stephanie Estrada

Surprised at how big the boxes are! The quality of everything is amazing and there are so many items to choose from. The boxes are nice and sturdy for easy clean up and store away. I must confess, they are also great for adults!

V. Moreno

Thank you Rainy Day Wonderland for this brilliant idea! My daughter has been playing with the winter box for the past 3 days and absolutely loves it! She can't get enough of it! From snowman, to tortillas, to cookies for her dad! The options and creativity are endless!

Yanira Rincon